Electronic Consent Statement

You have the right to receive your statements, notices, communications, legal notices, any and all other documents (“Account Documents”) in paper form by post. We may instead provide them to you electronically if you:

  1. Provide us with your consent to go paperless;
  2. Provide us with a valid, up to date email address;
  3. Have the required system access to receive them.

Depending how you select to be contacted, you can receive all the Account Documents either via email, online by accessing your account, or a combination of electronic and/or paper form via the post. In some cases there are documents we will need to send you via the post but we will keep these to a minimum if you have consented to going paperless. 

By agreeing to this Electronic Consent Statement, you are giving us your consent to electronically provide you with the Account Documents, and you agree to:

  1. Provide us with and keep a valid email address;
  2. Meet our required system access, as set out below;
  3. Have successfully accessed the test PDF document by clicking here.

By consenting to receiving Account Documents electronically you may no longer receive these documents in paper form and you accept any consequences of not reviewing the Account Documents promptly. We will try and contact you to alert you to any correspondence that has been sent electronically which requires urgent attention, and you agree that once we have made contact with you, you will go online to your account or check your email account. However, it remains your responsibility to check you account and emails regularly, and if you have any issues with access or not receiving documents please contact us as soon as possible at [email protected]. Your consent will remain in place until you notify us otherwise. 

Changing your mind

You can change your mind about going paperless at any time. To withdraw your consent please email us at [email protected]. Withdrawing your consent will not affect the enforceability of any Account Documents already provided or your obligations to make payments towards your loan. 


Changes to Electronic Consent Statement terms

We reserve the right to modify these terms at any time at our discretion. We will give you notice that changes are being made electronically, and when the changes will apply. If you do not agree with the changes please contact us to withdraw your consent before the changes come into effect. If you do not withdraw your consent then this will confirm your agreement to the changed terms. 

Ways of electronic communication

We can provide the Account Documents through any of the following ways, or combination of the following ways: i) your email address ii) your online account iii) links provided through your online account and/or iv) files including PDF format, or downloads from our website. 

You agree that the email address you provide us with will be your email address, and that you wish to receive your Account Documents to that email address. You agree that you will maintain that email address, and let us know if your email address changes at any time and give us your new email address. If you allow someone else to access your email address you agree to tell them to share any Account Documents with you quickly, and you agree to accept the risk that they may see sensitive information. 

Paper copies

Should you wish to receive a copy of an Account Document in paper form please contract us and request one. We will be happy to send one out to you. Certain Account Documents will need to be sent to you by post anyway, and on these occasions, we will send an electronic and paper copy to you. We will not keep copies of Account Documents for longer than is needed, so we would suggest you save or print copies to make sure you have them should you need them in the future. 

We reserve the right to provide Account Documents in paper form at all times, in our discretion even if you have consented to them being provided electronically. This may be where, for example, the Account Document needs to be sent in paper form to comply with the law, where there is a system outage, if we suspect fraud, your email address does not accept the email.

System access

In order to access and retain the Account Documents you need to have a working e-mail address and a computer or communications device with working internet access and a program that can view, save and print PDF files. By clicking on the test PDF link you can see if you meet these requirements. If you have any issues with this please contact us.