This website will now be used to provide existing RewardRate customers with information.

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RewardRate is no longer lending.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to secure enough funding through the capital raise we were undertaking to support us in doing this. With this we could have continued to fund the growth of RewardRate; in the absence of this capital, we have moved into an orderly wind down of the business. As of March 2023, this was estimated to take place over a period of approximately 12 months.

Debt sale

As part of the wind down process we have now sold all agreements to Lifestyle Loans. They will be responsible for supporting our existing RewardRate customers in managing their accounts going forward. 


You can find more information about this on our FAQ page.


Please note

  • If you are an existing customer you will shortly receive a welcome message from Lifestyle Loans informing you that they are now managing your account
  • We will keep this website open for one further month to provide support and details of who to contact should you need support
  • You can contact Lifestyle Loans should you have any questions via: